Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Skylex Information Systems Help in Overcoming Challenges Faced by Call Centers

Skylex systems can monitor the performance of operator and supervisor in a diligent way and in different operational modes. In fact, with the help of Interaction Analytics system, you would expect to get a technological platform to give proper training to your operators for the delivery of optimum level of customers’ service. However, the main question that strikes in the minds of call center companies worldwide is that why they need advanced technique-based information systems to analyze response of their customers or provide training to employees.

Simultaneously, many telecommunication companies and their professionals mostly eager to know the reason, for which they should use emotion-detection based technology in their manufactured, designed and supplied telecom devices. Therefore, here we will highlight about some common challenges faced by global call centers to receive customer loyalty, customer relationship management and in turn the need of voice solutions.

With the consistent growth and exploration of the call center companies and telecom companies at the international level, service providers have started facing big difficulties related to maintenance of stringent quality standards and even high levels of customer satisfaction.

In fact, in order to stay competitive with the latest technologies, contact centers operating at the commercial level should compulsorily provide proper support to varying ranges of vocal services, including telemarketing, outbound cold calling, inbound customer service or support, advertisement, taking of orders, promotional campaigns and even various types of chat services.

Other than this, companies require mounting of their operational expenses, including the expenses related to monitoring of customer satisfaction levels, recruitment, selection, training and staffing of employees, quality assurance and many more. All these facts have escalated the requirement of an efficient and a reliable solution. Hence, call centers and telecom companies should choose for complete quality management solution via emotion detection devices of Skylex Voice Solutions based on LVA technique. You will see details from video.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Brazilian Sports Star Neymar Faces Lumbar Fracture At FIFA

The FIFA is being pressurized by the Brazil’s soccer federation to take strict actions against the Columbian player Zuniga being responsible for the severe injury that sidelined the top player of the team, Neymar, for entire World cup. Although the player sustained the fracture during the match but was later announced by the doctors of his lumbar fracture being severe and that he would not be playing in the later tournament. The injury has exasperated the Brazilians. Recently on Saturday the Brazilian federation, known as CBF, displayed evidences which was the presumably video and in support documentation, to the disciplinary committee of FIFA and demanded actions.

“Neymar sustained a lumbar fracture when he was kneed in the back by Colombia defender Juan Camilo Zuniga late in their FIFA World Cup quarterfinal match Saturday in Brasilia. Brazil won the game, 2-1, but announced afterward that Neymar would miss the rest of the tournament.”

Although Zuniga was called for foul yet wasn’t given any yellow card on the field therefore the committee is said to be responsible for any kind of potential supplementary discipline. The Brazilian News media had reported breathlessly of his injury in hours since the incident happened and one of the best sports stars fell to turf in definite pain and then was carried on a stretcher from the field. Zuniga informed the reporters immediately after the match that he only considered the play "a normal challenge as part of the game; we both wanted to win the ball and we both went in a little strong." The defender further stated that he did not go into the thing in hope of fracturing Neymar’s back. The accident was absolutely coincidental and not intended. The match referee Carlos of Spain has come under heavy criticism which was considered to the most physical of the tournament having 54 foul whistles.