Saturday, March 2, 2013

Susan Boyle dyed her hair brown

Susan Boyle was as outstanding performer in the Britain’s got talent which is a reality show. The show deals with all the talented singers, amongst which Susan Boyle proved to be the winner. Susan’s hair dying has really upset the show judge Amanda Holden. Amanda is the lady judge  while remaining two are men. The show is famous in Britain and one of the favorite shows amongst Britain people. Recently, Susan has won the show and has resolute to dye her hair brown to look more stylish and unique. Her decision has surely disappointed Amanda as  they people were not willing to give Susan a makeover until after her probable win of Britain’s Got Talent.

Hair coloring is not that bad as most of the people around believe in doing the same. Many of the big businessman also prefer hair dying. In London many famous markets have saloons which offers great hair coloring services at a very nominal cost. If you wish to get your hair colored visit the famous Bebo Kobo Market in London. 

Although Susan’s hair coloring has saddened the show’s judge but it has definitely given a cool look to the winner. She looks more beautiful and elegant by coloring her hair.

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