Saturday, January 18, 2014

Social Media Icons Report Highlighted Wes Walker’s Performance

Wesley Carter or Wes Walker is a popular football player of United States. He is mainly known for his role as a wide receiver or simply a return specialist for the Denver Broncos associated with NFL i.e. National Football League. This time, reports related to social media icons have highlighted that he has arrived to play in the League with an oversized helmet to protect him from any type of concussion.

However, he is currently focusing on his winning in the coming match rather than protection from concussion. In fact, he does not perceive the wearing of an oversized helmet as a big deal; instead, Walker told about the same as an advanced step to avoid concussion and win the trophy. Wesley had never called his oversized helmet e as a concussion helmet; however, as he suffered two consistent concussions since last November, he donned it with the aim to achieve some extra precautions.

Players Whom Wes Admire the Most

Wesley is a strong enthusiast of two popular Sports Stars named Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Moreover, he always intends to play in the style adopted by these two players and even objected towards achieving good fame as similar to them. He always calls these two players as famous artists, about which you can easily get details of famous artists.

Performance in the latest Game

During his whole career of 10 years, this was the longest duration, for which he remained away from his field. Despite, he tried to catch passes in the game like players, whom he follows the most; he failed to take adequate numbers of passes and scored only 10 touchdowns. Nevertheless, he is strong determined to win the AFC championship game. He said, “I’m just going out there and trying to get first downs.”

Friday, January 10, 2014

One Direction Band Boy Plans for Trekking Date with Model Jenner

Harry Edward Styles is a well-known singer of United Kingdom and is the member of a popular boy band named One Direction. This leading personality of UK has explored his career from a reality TV singing competition as The X Factor. He is a great singer, who had achieved his massive success by forming his band comprising of some other musical experts named Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. In fact, due to his valuable contribution to the musical and television industry, he mostly remains viral in different social networking sites, including Facebook owned by Zuckerberg, Twitter owned by Jack Dorsey and even Pheed lead by son of Bebo Kobo named O.D. Kobo.

This time report has highlighted about his dating with a model named Kendall Jenner, who were likely go for a pony trekking date. This boy wants to enjoy trekking with Jenner in Hollywood Hill located at the equestrian center. He has made this plan by knowing that Jenner loves to do some activities, but get very less time to pursue with the same. This is because; she has to fulfill a big responsibility as being an American TV actor, brand ambassador and model. Similar to Edward Styles, people also recognize this artist as a popular celebrity of Facebook and Twitter.  

News updates have further revealed that Harry Styles asked Kendall what exactly she would like to do after he came back to US and she expressed her interests towards horse riding. In fact, she told about her adore towards horse riding since past 10 years. She would choose for her riding activity for a longtime if she did not remain too much busy in fashion career. Harry is very much eager for the trekking activity with his partner. Lastly, interview media source said, “Harry is really keen on Kendall, so is planning a series of activity dates in 2014.