Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jenny Agutter Hosted Prestigious Northern Art Show

Few days ago, Jenny Agutter, leading TV and film actress has hosted her prestigious Northern Art Show. Currently, Agutter is playing a leading role in a TV series named Call the Midwife on BBS. She is recognized as trustee and patron of CFT i.e. Cystic Fibrosis Trust and visit of Agutter at Ripon Cathedral will give huge benefits to each of her charity work. Cathedral has started hosting of prestigious art show with highly impressive artwork selections done by several printmakers, finest contemporary painters and photographers. One of the famous artists involved in the show is Claire Milner, who is responsible for creation of some of the glittering portraits with the help of large numbers of small Swarovski crystals.

Recently, the well known celebrity has designed one popular Marilyn Monroe portrait for R&B star and for David Beckham. In both of these portraits, Milner has used approximately 65,000 small Swarovski crystals. Currently, the renowned artist is exhibiting the portrait of famous Queen Elizabeth II in the auspicious occasion of her Diamond Jubilee inside the setting of Ripon Cathedral. However, the number of Swarovski crystals to be used in portrait is still remained unknown among other artist. The reports have revealed that exhibition will have more than 250 master pieces in varying styles as well as mediums, along with several attractive artworks done by well-established professional artists.