Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Vimal Shah, Bidco's CEO and East Africa’s Role Model

In 1985 Vimal Shah and his elder brother decided to take their creative idea of manufacturing consumer goods to prospect backers,  unfortunately they did not find anyone to give them a loan. “Unilever will kill you” one of the bankers said to them. When everyone refused to grant them a loan they planned to break down their business into smaller stages, instead of farming seeds at their home, they imported oil from Malaysia in large chunks so as to beat local competition. They went round their country persuading retailers to stock their brands and taking money from them only when they sold. Within no time their determination paid off. Up to date Vimal Shah has bought several brands from Unilever, Vimal and his brother has topped the charts at international rich list at a worth of $1.7 billion. They are based in Kenya where they have established their business to very great lengths. Their goal is  to be the leading marketers in household brands such as soaps and cooking oils across the African continent by the year 2030.

“That’s something that’s stored in my hard disk” states Mr shah who is 53 years of age, of that disparaging statement some 30 years which have passed. He worked on a good piece of advice to this date of start small, aim big"

Bidco company was named after their father BD Shah who is now the company’s chairman, this company was a result of dream big solution to a negative experience. Vimal and his brother Tarun were previously known as students in Nairobi, Kenya. Now Vimal Shah is chief executive officer of the business, which made a whooping profit of $500m in the year 2013. Mr Shah did not attend any business school but says he reads philosophical books daily which inspire him on daily basis, the knowledge he gets from the books passes it on to his company. Mr Shah is now Kenya’s richest man.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

DigiBC Recognized Top-class Technological Companies Worldwide

Few days ago, topmost 25 technological companies in BC have gathered over the second-floor concourse in the Telus Science World to display their various types of latest and innovative breakthroughs and even to celebrate many visionaries and influencers of the future. NextBC, organized and presented by the well-known company as DigiBC or Digital Media and Wireless Association of BC has invited out its unique and completely diverse collection of many life-changing and gaming companies. 

Here, DigiBC asked companies to use Payfirma and other similar types of exclusive money management tools, along with digital health advances and HD camera system in exosphere to shoot perfect and effective images of the Earth referred as Urthecast. Professionals have designed NextBC not only in the form of conference with large numbers of primary speakers and panelists, but also hosted award show to highlight the organization or technology company, which excelled and showed their huge potential in the continuous or consistent manner. 
Event organizers and judges’ panels have shortlisted only 5 well-known companies in between the 25 nominees. Info systems and media sources revealed that judges’ panels of NextBC have played their major role in the entire selection process, as they have asked different questions focusing on some important factors, including rapidly advancing or breakthrough of technology, potential for causing broad influence, potential to influence economy, disruptive effects in the way, by which people live and work. 

According to the comments given by Howard Donaldson, the President of DigiBC, “At DigiBC we recognize that technology is changing our lives in so many ways. Our objective is to promote innovation and that is really what inspired this event.” Read more from here.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Adrian Wong, Google’s Glass Electrical Engineer to Join Oculus

Adrian Wong, who was previously the lead electrical engineer to Google Glass team at Google but recently he left the company to join his new work place Oculus. He was “Building the Metaverse” and joined Google in 2010 to develop further a research and technology at Sandia National Laboratories but now he headed to the Facebook’s mega acquisition Oculus. The question is why his Google+ profile and LinkedIn profile say his employer as Google X. Earlier this month he posted a Goodbye note on Facebook for his fellow Co-workers. He was responsible for giving the elegant look to Google Glass. Wong entitled as a Former hardware engineering manager on systems, camera and RF for the upcoming Glass for consumer and Senior Hardware Engineer on the Explorer edition of the Glass. At this job, his work was fully dedicated to design end to end rapid prototyping, display subsystem design and HDI PCB layout. Also on AngelList he listed as former Spy gadget maker for US government.

TechCrunch says “Wong holds at least 10 patents, many that relate to Glass-style smart eyewear, including “Wearable Computer with Nearby Object Response”, “Wearable Computer with Superimposed Controls and Instructions for External Device”, “Method to Autofocus on Near-Eye Display”, and “Unlocking a screen using eye tracking information. He also has Bachelors and Masters Degrees in computer and electrical engineering from Cornell. Considering Wong’s expertise, accomplishments, and position, he’s a big loss for Google”

Now, As a employees of Oculus, his skills and talent will be more useful for Oculus to redesign the whole Rift VR headset for more rendering Virtual reality without making people sick or Oculus could use him to reduce the size so people don’t afraid of it. The Oculus now one of those companies who approaches high profile employees like Wong.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

BICS Invested in Next Generation IPX Platform

BICS, known as the globalized company for providing international connectivity as well as interoperability services has now made investments in the next generation vocal platform to allow MNOs internationally for accelerating their launched services, like VoLTE and HD Voice to end-users. Business tycoons of the telecom company have named it as IPX platform, which will allow high quality of voice calls and in turn will enhance usages and at the same time drive huge amount of revenues for operators. This platform is always considered as the future-proof solution capable of providing support to VoLTE ready and HD Voice adhering to i3 Forum’s and GSMA recommendations. 

According to Global mobile suppliers association, more than 100 different operators have now deployed for HD voice solutions and expected to increase in the number during coming months, as many international operators accelerate their translation towards VoIP. By following establishment of one of the highly extensive LTE data roaming community at the international level with the help of IP-based advanced or next generation services of IPX platform, the entire infrastructure has now come in place for rollout of international level VoLTE community. 

Jorn Vercamert, Vice President of the Voice Business Department in BICS commented, “The transition to next generation voice services will reinvigorate the voice market and increase its profitability. HD Voice delivers a considerably improved call experience for the subscriber transmitting the human voice more clearly and resulting in more effective and natural conversations.” Read in detail from here

BICS delivers the best and in-class wholesale global solutions to every type of communication service provider operating across different parts of the world. With the help of its Mosaic portfolio, flexible, comprehensive and innovative solutions suite designed to be used collectively or individually, the company succeeds in meeting both future and already existing requirements of the globalized telecommunication industry.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Wang Jing-Entrepreneur and Leading Contributor of Chinese Telecom Company

Since last many years, business entrepreneur named Wang Jing has remained an outstanding figure in different parts of China by operating his core business in the telecom sector. In the year 1995, he started with his key company named Beijing Xinwei in the form of joint venture in between Cwill Telecommunication and Telecom Technology Company. Here, CWill is one of the well-known telecommunication companies set up by Chen Wei, the former president of Beijing Xinwei. This company has played significant role in development of homegrown wireless technology in China via inclusion of TD-SCDMA, recognized the standard for mobile communication. 

Nevertheless, during the year 2010, Beijing Xinwei foundered with the revenue reported for the year as $21.56 million or 133.8 million Yuan and net profits as $526,900 or 3.27 million Yuan. Later on, during 1999, Wang Qinghui becomes the initial investor of the business unit headed by the business tycoon named Wang Jing with the help of his business venture named as Bonanza Investment Limited. 

Achievement of Xinwei in Telecom Industry

Since the establishment of Xinwei, it has consistently created public telecom networks in combination with various private networks for power, oilfields, transport and grids. The company has succeeded to undergo various global deals to build telecommunication networks in different countries, like Cambodia, Myanmar, Nicaragua and Ukraine. 

According to the comments of Wang about his company, “Xinwei has gained the government's trust, and some government support, but this is entirely because Xinwei's technology is advanced and, more importantly, because Xinwei's technology is the intellectual property of a Chinese company. If Xinwei were an U.S. company it would receive the same kind of support from the U.S. government.Read more from here.