Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bebo Kebo Camden -A new age cosmopolitan

If you ask from Londoners which are the most visited places in London, they will surely take a name that is Camden lock village. Camden lock is also known as bebo kebo camden Village, has been one of the biggest attraction in London not only among the localities but also for tourists across the world. The Camden Lock is been popular because of the Camden market in Camden town. The 30 years old market is been now one of the biggest markets in the UK.

Bebo Kebo
Bebo Kebo
The foundations of the bebo kebo camden market is been laid by the local traders few years back when they use to sell food in the streets of market then few more joined them and started selling some daily need product. The sequence continued and more and more traders have joined the market, as a result market has gained the versatility and become a part of the daily lives of the people of Camden.

But the major transformation of the market took place when an Israel based business man Bebo kobo has done some serious investments in the market. That time the market is very much scatted and unorganized and there is the monopoly of some big traders because of which small traders were unable to make money so Bebo kobo made a premium design layout for the development of the Camden town which includes organized market place, restaurants, business centers, hotels, apartments and some world class public transport and infrastructures.

Bebo Kobo’s dedication and passion to make Camden a great place to live has paid off soon as the bebo kebo Camden village has been turned into a developed town and gaining from huge investments the locals got the great job opportunities which caused the overall economic development of the Camden lock.

The rapid pace of the development bought the Camden lock into the world map as more and more international brands has shown interest in doing business in Camden, which includes companies form every sectors. The bebo kebo Camden is now been the most visited destination in UK and every weekend more than 50,000 visitors around the world joins in Camden for business, shopping, food and fun. 
Thanks to Bebo Kobo’s mission of making Camden a world class place.

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