Saturday, February 2, 2013

Celebrities’ Success in Hell and High Water Challenge Raise £1million

This time, some of the popular celebrities of United Kingdom named Mel C, the singer, Dara O’Briain, the comedy artist and Greg James, DJ of Radio 1 have succeeded in traveling across the Zambezi River with the aim of giving a big contribution for Comic Relief. All these celebrities have traveled about 100 km for 5 days to fulfill their biggest challenge named Hell and High Water. Hence, on 1st of February in the afternoon, celebrities have reached the final point of the challenge after facing some adventurous rapids. All the three celebrities have given their opinions after reaching the finishing point.

According to Greg James, “We have taken this big challenge and prepared us to go for an adventure only for raising some big amount of money for the Comic Relief charity fund, so that charity fund can help children in going to the school.” After this, the renowned comedian artist named Dara commented, “In the afternoon of 1st of February, we have succeeded in completing our challenge by spending many adventurous moments over the rapids. I will give thanks to all my fellow competitors and other people, who have given their full support and donation for the challenges of the Zambezi River.” Hence, the success of the celebrities in meeting the challenges have helped Comic Relief charity organization in raising a big amount of about £1million and help many poor Zambian children in receiving good education for a bright future.