Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bebo Kobo-A social Person

While surfing through the internet and my Facebook profile I thought about Bebo Kobo, the same person who is associated with the Camden Town Project and many other projects. I’ve heard a lot about him that he is very polite and down to earth and whichever projects he takes account of has to be successful. There are hell lot of examples and recommendations about Bebo Kobo, in the form of letters and publications. I thought I must see and search for Bebo Kobo on Facebook; I did that only and to my surprise the first person displayed by this name was Bebo Kobo himself, I recognized him with his profile picture which I had already seen somewhere. I was amazed to see that such a famous personality can be found and contacted so easily. I immediately sent him a friend request which was accepted within 36 hours without any questions being asked, that who you are, where are you from, why you want to be friends with me etc. Well this seems funny but it’s the reality. If we send request to a person who is not familiar to us asks such questions. But Bebo Kobo didn’t do that because he is an intelligent person and looking at my profile anyone can make out that I am into the real estate business in London, although not a very big player like Bebo Kobo, but I manage my business upto a large extent.
Bebo Kobo must have understood that he and I are of the same field and we could manage to help each other and if not we can atleast share knowledge with each other. I can learn business strategies from him, and also if I require that Mr. Kobo should associate with me in any of his future projects it can also be done. After Facebook I searched Bebo Kobo in other social networking sites also. I found him on Linked In also from where he can be easily contacted.

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