Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Chief Rabbi inaugurated

The United Kingdom and Commonwealth has a new Chief Rabbi. Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis is succeeding Lord Jonathan Sacks who is retiring after holding the office for more than twenty two years. Lord Jonathan Sacks has held the office since 1991, a two decade reign which has seen the number of people who prescribe to the religion or what many would, the flock dwindling in large numbers. This is something that is happening to many religions bodies especially the mainstream; they have been losing their members in such an alarming rate. Experts in social and religious matters blame the declining membership in the waning influence of religions in people’s life.

The new Chief Rabbi has a hard task of ensuring that his religion grows strong again and attracts the kind of numbers that it used to have twenty years ago. One of the faithful, Amir Liberman, the CEO of Nemesysco Limited is alarmed by the declining numbers; he points out that most of those who are affected by this downward trend are the young people. He points out that that it seems that people are becoming less religious as years go by. The new Chief Rabbi feels that the numbers have to be increased through reaching out to those who have dropped by the way.

Another reason which worshippers point out as a possible cause of the declining number is security level. Members are afraid of coming out to worship in fear of attack by terrorists. They feel that they may be target due to their religion affiliation. To address this situation the worshippers feel that security in and around the worshipping areas should be strengthened including installing door video phone to ensure that all security threats are captured and neutralized before they cause any harm to worshippers and property. The new Chief Rabbi promised to look at these issues so that the declining numbers can be overturned. The new Rabbi took this opportunity to congratulate Prince Charles, who was among the congregation for the birth of his grandchild. He wished many years ahead full of health and strength. The New Chief Rabbi takes the office at such a time when the world is experiencing turmoil and there is a need to bring people from all faith together.

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