Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Knowledge and Efforts of Michail Susov in Effortel and Comfortel Call Center

Since last many years, large numbers of business tycoons and magnates worldwide have remained popular in different types of social media platforms, like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pheed. One of such business tycoons is named as Michail Susov, who played the role of a Chief Executive Officer of a famous telecommunication company of Europe and Russia named as Effortel Russia Group. Before this, he served as the Chief Marketing Officer and the first Vice-President of a mobile company of CIS and Russia named as MTS.

Michail Susov

About Effortel Company

Effortel Company possesses high level of expertise in providing telecom solutions to many private and corporate users. Company primarily focuses on development of varying telecom projects, including main route operator, comfortel contact center, unit line wireless operators, and broadband access operators. “Later on, the company has launched its subsidiary as a contact center of Russia referred as Comfortel Contact Center.”

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Comfortel Contact Center Overview and Achievements

Comfortel Contact Center, a subsidiary owned under the CEO of Michail Susov has allowed for simultaneous applications of emails, telephony systems, messengers, chat systems and lots more with the complicated scheme of intellectual routing of varying incoming calls based on countless characteristics like call length, telephone number, region and some previous inquiries. Specifically, the company conducts call processing in an well-organized manner by the help of intellectual voice solutions, voice recognition systems and voice menu. In this way, personnel of this Russian call center organization can easily differentiate the actual level of service for each call based on importance of subscribers and query of customers. Particularly, the company has obtained remarkable achievements by the installation of IA system or vocal solution to check and assure accurate performance level of employees.

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IA System and its Operations

IA system performs its functions by the help of Layered Voice Analysis technology introduced by Nemesysco Limited. This is the core technology, which possesses the capability to detect varying emotions present in human beings, which include stress, happiness, excitement, anger and many more. Based on varying emotions only, supervisors of call centers could identify the performance of staff members and choose to take effective actions on the same. 

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