Monday, March 31, 2014

IBM Company Highlights SMAC Solutions to Target Indian Telecom Operators

IBM Company, recognized as the telecommunication giant has recently highlighted a big slew of SMAC solutions to target large numbers of Indian telecom operators. The slew SMAC as the name implies will include Cloud, Mobile, Social and Analytics solutions for companies. In fact, all of these innovations made under the leadership and guidance of Vikas Sehgal, ISA Director of the Company will aim at assisting telecom units to derive high values from the increased and improved level in the involvement of customers. All of these Interaction Analytics solutions would obviously provide business model and operational transformation and promise rich and high-level of digital experience for various consumers. 

As per the study conducted under IBM's Digital Reinvention 2013, about 63 percent of the total 1,100 surveyed business executives said that they have expected consumers for gaining more power as well as bring significant influence over various types of business operations. Looking for five years out, more than 58 percent of all of these business tycoons will expect that new and innovative technologies will reduce barriers towards entry, while 69 percent of them expected for higher level of cross-industrial competition.  

According to the comments given by Vikas Sehgal, the ISA Director of IBM, “Digital technologies will ultimately drive drastic changes in the economy, value chains will fragment, industries will converge and new ecosystems will emerge. As social is fast becoming a revenue-generating business model, IBM Research has introduced Vibes, an enterprise social software solution that will enable telcos narrow down target audiences from communities to individuals.” Forfurther details, read from here

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