Monday, March 3, 2014

Peter Church-Business Owner and Legal Advisor of Asian Business Tycoons

Peter Church, legal business advisor has recently revealed about his connection with businesspeople of India. He has undergone for acquisitions and mergers with business executives and managers in the attempt to help clients and customers towards setting up their business units in the worldwide biggest democracy. The understanding of this great business tycoon is based on various lessons obtained from the lives of topmost entrepreneurs belonging to different parts of India. 

Until now, Peter, one of the well-known social media icons have succeeded in approaching about 30 leading business entrepreneurs of India to share their lives stories, along with some unknown and interesting anecdotes for his popular and famous book named Added Value: The Life Stories of Indian Business Leaders. Mr. Peter commented in front of the public,

“I have played the role of a common thread in between 30 different entrepreneurs belonging to different parts of India via detailed interaction. The key is that every one of them got their timing right. Most of the time, timing is luck, and to me what distinguishes most of these people is they were able to see the opportunity and take risks.Get details from here

About Peter Church

Peter Church is one of the international business adviser and lawyer worked and contributed for South East Asian region since last 30 years. He advised countless international companies owners and managers about their relationships with business investments and trade activities go on in different parts of Asia. If you are a registered member of social media platform, such as Facebook headed by Zuckerberg or Pheed headed by the son of Bebo Kobo named O.D. Kobo, you would know his varying contributions as the legal advisor and even a business tycoon. Since last many years, he remained the President for Aussie Indo Business Council and served various Federal Government Boards in Australia. Particularly, businesspeople know him as owner of AFG Venture Group and operator of an English law firm named Stephenson Harwood.

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