Thursday, May 22, 2014

DigiBC Recognized Top-class Technological Companies Worldwide

Few days ago, topmost 25 technological companies in BC have gathered over the second-floor concourse in the Telus Science World to display their various types of latest and innovative breakthroughs and even to celebrate many visionaries and influencers of the future. NextBC, organized and presented by the well-known company as DigiBC or Digital Media and Wireless Association of BC has invited out its unique and completely diverse collection of many life-changing and gaming companies. 

Here, DigiBC asked companies to use Payfirma and other similar types of exclusive money management tools, along with digital health advances and HD camera system in exosphere to shoot perfect and effective images of the Earth referred as Urthecast. Professionals have designed NextBC not only in the form of conference with large numbers of primary speakers and panelists, but also hosted award show to highlight the organization or technology company, which excelled and showed their huge potential in the continuous or consistent manner. 
Event organizers and judges’ panels have shortlisted only 5 well-known companies in between the 25 nominees. Info systems and media sources revealed that judges’ panels of NextBC have played their major role in the entire selection process, as they have asked different questions focusing on some important factors, including rapidly advancing or breakthrough of technology, potential for causing broad influence, potential to influence economy, disruptive effects in the way, by which people live and work. 

According to the comments given by Howard Donaldson, the President of DigiBC, “At DigiBC we recognize that technology is changing our lives in so many ways. Our objective is to promote innovation and that is really what inspired this event.” Read more from here.

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