Monday, May 5, 2014

Wang Jing-Entrepreneur and Leading Contributor of Chinese Telecom Company

Since last many years, business entrepreneur named Wang Jing has remained an outstanding figure in different parts of China by operating his core business in the telecom sector. In the year 1995, he started with his key company named Beijing Xinwei in the form of joint venture in between Cwill Telecommunication and Telecom Technology Company. Here, CWill is one of the well-known telecommunication companies set up by Chen Wei, the former president of Beijing Xinwei. This company has played significant role in development of homegrown wireless technology in China via inclusion of TD-SCDMA, recognized the standard for mobile communication. 

Nevertheless, during the year 2010, Beijing Xinwei foundered with the revenue reported for the year as $21.56 million or 133.8 million Yuan and net profits as $526,900 or 3.27 million Yuan. Later on, during 1999, Wang Qinghui becomes the initial investor of the business unit headed by the business tycoon named Wang Jing with the help of his business venture named as Bonanza Investment Limited. 

Achievement of Xinwei in Telecom Industry

Since the establishment of Xinwei, it has consistently created public telecom networks in combination with various private networks for power, oilfields, transport and grids. The company has succeeded to undergo various global deals to build telecommunication networks in different countries, like Cambodia, Myanmar, Nicaragua and Ukraine. 

According to the comments of Wang about his company, “Xinwei has gained the government's trust, and some government support, but this is entirely because Xinwei's technology is advanced and, more importantly, because Xinwei's technology is the intellectual property of a Chinese company. If Xinwei were an U.S. company it would receive the same kind of support from the U.S. government.Read more from here.

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