Tuesday, July 1, 2014

BeyoncéHits the Top 100 Celebrity List of 2014

The glamorous life of the stars is that media covers are not the only life that is being led by the wonderful and gorgeous celebs. There is much more behind the scenes as stated by the experts. The celebrities a part from acting, singing etc. does a lot more, therefore the Forbes has come up with the top 100 powerful celebs of the industry. The criterion of study here is the income earned by them through various activities all together but without deducting the tax duties and other such expenses. This time Beyoncé has gained the position in the list.

We estimate earnings by talking to lawyers, producers, agents and other in-the-know folks to figure out how much celebrities earned from entertainment-related business in the past year. That includes music sales, upfront pay on movies and endorsement work. Our time frame for earnings this year is June 1, 2013 to June 1 2014. We don’t deduct things like taxes, agent fees or the other expenses associated.” This is the Forbes criteria.

The star doesn’t hold back with just music, she has built a business empire, though its small yet she earns millions through endorsing corporates like H&M and Pepsi. The celebrity also has a range of perfumes having names like Rise, Pulse and Heat. Also featuring jeans, accessories and shoes she has introduced a clothing company house of Dereon. All together the estimate is that the singer has earned $115 since last June. The highlight of the big year is by her first world tour with husband Jay Z though the dates are short; the pair has claimed the crown of the most powerful celebrity couple. It is being said that the couple hit Miami on the 25th of June and the tour would end in 20 days.

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