Thursday, March 20, 2014

Businessman Bruce Rauner Has Became The Republican Member

A n Investor and venture capitalist has won the republican primary against for Illinois governor, Voters give him most of the vote against him and then he ensured to run the democratic policies like a business venture and power the government unions. Republican did the hard work for years to win a top place in Obama’s home state. Yes Bruce Raunr has win against three state lawmakers. His fight was against Democratic governor pat Quinn, who won his party nomination for second term without difficulty. Both Quinn and Rod Blagojevich has gone to prison for charges of corruption, and democrats halt the governorship of Illinois since 2003 but rauner could be main vote cutter because of the campaign which added $6 million to his own money.

Rauner told Gaurdian that “I would model his governorship after those of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and former Indiana governor Mitch Daniels. Both significantly rolled back union power in what they said were necessary steps to attract business and reduce costs. i defeated state senators Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard and state treasurer Dan Rutherford in the primary. Quinn is seen as one of the most vulnerable incumbent governors because of his push to fix Illinois’ finances by overhauling the heavily underwater public pension systems, which earned him the unions’ ire. The voters are going to face a stark choice in November, a major decision about the future of our state,”

As Obama is pushing the Obama Care, which is a health care bill he wanted to pass but due to lack of support he unable to pass it so rauner also ensured that he will fully supportive to the bill. So Rauner with no doubt will be a good Senator, his raise to the lection hit the airwaves Tuesday evening and Quinn wanted to increase the state rate to $10 an hour.

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