Tuesday, March 18, 2014

IMS Reports-Life Science Companies Choosing Latest Technology Approaches

Murray Aitken served his valuable services as the executive director in IMS Institute for Healthcare and Informatics. He and his company are responsible for providing decision makers and policy setters in the international health industry with various objectives insights into dynamics of healthcare. He, along with his copartners have recently find some interesting updates about life sciences companies that they are embracing wide range of latest and advanced technology-driven approaches in aggressive way in the attempt towards commercialization of their different products and reduction in the operational costs. Major findings of the organization and its top-level business tycoons will include :

Majority of biggest pharmaceutical companies working at the international level would now have to reduce their combined operational costs by about $36 billion on yearly basis during the coming 2017, so that these companies can easily maintain their operational margins and present levels of various types of activities related to research and development. Based on the estimated inflation rate of R&D equal to 5percent on yearly basis, most of the business organizations will have to decrease several types of operational costs for maintaining proper margins. 
Many companies are now observing interoperability of various technology and voice solutions as critical and urgent requirements. Since technological applications and systems prevailing within life science organizations have proliferated during last few decades, they have remained silent and inefficient. Life science companies are now looking to pre-built and cloud-based application suits as one of the effective means to get enterprise-wide efficiencies of systems. Lastly, majority of life science units have started shifting their data storage at the primary level to the cloud and investing in many new and innovative applications related to marketing and sales. 

Murray Aitken commented about the latest research report, “Realizing the full benefit from new technologies will be a high priority for all life sciences companies as commercialization approaches are revised amid changing customer demands and a growing need for efficiency. Applications that are healthcare-specific, cloud-based, integrated, secure and analytically powerful will yield substantial advantages to these organizations, and ultimately to patients and the health system overall.” Read in detail from here.

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