Saturday, June 14, 2014

David Lapter Of Will Join Makespace As CFO

Makespace, is an innovative company and full of several innovative people based and headquartered in the New York, which kind of same like Dropbox but the difference here is Dropbox is for virtual files while the Makespace is for physical items and objects, the company has recently announces that a technology entrepreneur will be joining the board as a new Chief technology Officer yes the David Lapter from will be joining in, he’s currently serving as the Senior Vice president of the business operations at Fab. He joined Fab in 2011 and he is a serial startup CFO, the Fab is now a ecommerce platform and generating the revenue of $100 million globally. Before fab he was at the KickApps as the CFO of the business operations, also CFO of CTSpace but both were acquired.

MAKESPACE said “Bringing David on board to help guide our growth is a huge win as we scale locally in New York and accelerate our expansion to new markets. I’m ecstatic to welcome David as an integral part of our management team and I look forward to working alongside him to implement our long term strategic vision for the company.”

The Advanced technology based the Makespace is a service that provide you the service to pick and drop any item that you own, on the app provides by the company. It does saves the time of the user and also the storage space, if you want to store an item that you never ever want to lost you can just order an pick up and sent the item to them and can call a drop off, which will give you back the item. This service sounds cool because you actually save your Basketball from high school and after few year you can have it back.

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