Friday, June 6, 2014

EMOFORCE-Advanced Technology-based Solution of Skylex

Since the introduction of various social media, it has created huge awareness for different types of activities go on in various parts of the world. Whether you want to know about personalities, awards, honors, business and sports, you would likely found Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks as the best place to collect information about latest updates and well-known icons.

Recently, some of the popular social networking or media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the newly formed Google Plus have revealed about some exclusive software solutions, techniques and customers of a well-known Israeli Company named Skylex. Particularly, the emotion detection tool of this technological firm has become very much popular in between its various customers across the world. 


EMOFORCE or emotion detection tool offered by the Skylex Company of Israel helps individuals to undergo identification and measurement of stress, anger and various types of relevant human emotions taking place during the conversation processes go on in the call center. If any call center organization chooses to install EMOFORCE voice solutions, it would likely expect to reduce the operational expenses involved in proper training and monitoring of various performance levels delivers by call center professionals.

Even the system allows company owners to enhance the loyalty of their key personnel. In this blog post, you will come to know about different types of applications of this efficient tool developed under the supervision of well-experienced technicians of Skylex.   

Major Roles of Voice Detection Software
Now, let us look over some of the important activities performed by the EMOFORCE or emotion detection technology or system for MTC.

•    With the help of this emotional analysis equipment operated in online mode, supervisors have received efficient ways to track the quality of services delivered by their employees. On the other side, in offline mode, managers have used EMOFORCE to select critical levels of calls to perform advanced manual analysis.

•    As the system remains properly integrated with the efficient CRM system, it can easily find and track least satisfied clients and assists in customer retention.

•    MTC, the regular customer of Skylex Company has become able to identify different types of problems concerning to knowledge and skills of call center or telephone handling staffs.
According to experts of the company, “Skylex systems allow companies can go for calculation of KPIs or Key Performance Indicators by simply indicating the primary deviation and exporting to some external systems. Even you could easily come to know about suitable level of competition for KPIs.” Read more from here.

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